FROM THE Minister—

Greetings to the friends and members of First Christian Church,
      I pray that you are doing well in this time of increased isolation. Lately I have been participating on video conference calls through the computer. I have been fortunate to see the faces of several of you through these virtual meetings. But, as I meet with only a few of you, it causes me to miss all of you. I miss spending time with all of you on Sunday mornings and over the course of the weeks. I am grateful the streaming services are appreciated by those that can view them. I‘m delighted for all of you that even during this uncertain time you still feel a connection to the church. 
     There are many Bible stories where God’s people were faced with challenging situations. As we read the scriptures, we begin to understand their faith and relationship to God in how they handled what was
before them. One story that comes to mind is of Noah and the ark. Imagine Noah and his family that were confined to lightlessness in the ark. It rained for 40 days and nights while the earth flooded. After the earth was covered
in water, they were bobbing on the waves with no sun or land in sight for 150 days. They ate the same diet and smelled the animals for days on end. When the flood waters began to recede the ark came to rest in the mountains. Noah and his family were still cooped up in the ark for an additional 40 days before Noah opened a window to let out a raven. Weeks later, Noah saw that the face of the earth was drying and God blessed Noah and his family as they left the ark.
  In our pandemic “flood” story, we’re surrounded by pouring rain, watching the waters rise around us. It has taken the pandemic of COVID-19 several weeks to reach and impact us. All of our lives are challenged by this virus through social distancing and isolation. We will be further challenged by lives lost to infection caused by the disease. We do not know how long we will be trapped in the uncertainty or when we will be able to resume the normalcy of
our lives. Once the virus begins to subside, we will still need to exercise caution before we set foot on the dry
land of our church building again and go about our normal interactions.

This difficult time will come to an end. By our faith, we will get through this together. We will forever be changed. The world and life will look different to us. We will change the way we interact. But, God will bless us. A rainbow is coming.

Peace & Blessings,

Rev Kev