Nov. 25, 2020


Attention, First Christian Church Youth and Parents:
Let me introduce myself.  I am Joyce King.  You might recognize me as the organist/pianist at First Christian Church.  

I have recently retired from teaching vocal and general music at Indian Lake Schools the past 30 years.  As a retiree,
I want to give more time to the members of First Christian Church and I asked to be given some projects to work on researching and visioning.  One of the projects that I am exploring is our Youth ministry.  I am trying to determine how to revive our youth groups, formerly Chi Rho (middle school students) and CYF (high school students), for you and the times in which we are living.
Will you join me in this exploration?   I would really like to talk to each one of you, and your parents, as I explore
these groups and their relevance in our church and community.   I have created two surveys (ten questions each) on Google Forms that I would appreciate you completing.  On the survey you can also let me know if you and your family are willing to talk on Zoom, the phone or in person, as I compile a report for our Nurture Team.  If you would be so kind as to complete these surveys before January 2021, it would be very helpful.  You and your parents or siblings may each complete the survey also.
I do not have email addresses for any of you so I am enclosing the URLs for both surveys at the bottom of this page.  You
can also find this letter and the survey URLs on our church Facebook page (Fcc Bellefontaine Ohio) and our web page (  If you prefer paper copies, please contact me and I will mail a copy to you.
Thank you so much for joining me in this endeavor by considering these questions and sharing your responses.
Joyce King,
Life Enrichment
First Christian Church  
215 E. Sandusky Av.
Bellefontaine, OH 43311
Access these surveys on Google Forms at these URLs:

Survey 1:
Survey 2  Preferences: