FROM THE Minister—

Greetings to the friends and members of First Christian Church,
            The Kingdom of Heaven is like…  
                     What is the Kingdom of Heaven like?
 I’m sure you have an idea and First Christian Church would like to hear from you.  Lately, we have been looking at the parables of Jesus found in Matthew chapter 13.  Many of the parables begin with the words: The Kingdom of Heaven is like.  You are invited to write a parable expressing what the Kingdom of Heaven is like.  Several individuals have already shared their parables in worship services or dropped them off in an offering plate.  

In your own words and in today’s context: write a parable that begins with “The kingdom of Heaven is like…”   Remember, parables are tools for teaching.  Some parables are very short, only a verse or two.  Others are much longer and some even have explanations associated with them.  Parables are stories that provoke thought not provide answers.  Provoking thought is one of Jesus’ primary ways of communicating to his disciples and followers.  There are times we think we know something to be true or we can accurately project an outcome; but in the end, we find ourselves being wrong.  This is how many parables function.  We think we know how the story will unfold, but the story gets flipped and sometimes ends without a conclusion.

Jesus used everyday items, such as: seeds, yeast, fields, pearls, weeds and fishing nets to explain the Kingdom of Heaven.  It’s interesting to think about the diverse range of people that Jesus spoke to through his parables: a person who scatters seeds, a woman that bakes bread, a fortune seeker, a merchant, a commercial fisher.  Jesus was using people in professions of his day to explain the realm of God.  Each person goes about their daily work.  Through ordinary tasks, the kingdom of God is revealed in our very midst.

So, who do interact with as you go about your days?  With what items do you see or use regularly in your profession or home?  How is the Kingdom of Heaven revealed to you in your daily tasks?  I have confidence in you that you can share with the world what the Kingdom of Heaven is like.  
Christ is revealed to us every day through the people we meet and the things we see and touch.  
First Christian Church friends and family can tell the world what the Kingdom of Heaven is like.  The parables you write can be used for teaching and preaching to others.  First Christian Church has a faithful community that can answer the question: “What is the Kingdom of Heaven like?”  There is an assortment of parables so it no wonder we have many different perspectives of the Kingdom of Heaven.  You are capable.  Together, First Christian Church can express to others, in sharing and teaching, what the Kingdom of Heaven is like.

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a pebble that is tossed into calm waters and ripples.

Peace & Blessings,
Rev Kev