FROM THE Minister—

Greetings to the friends and members of First Christian Church,
 We have resumed public worship within the building. I enjoy seeing each person that chooses to come and I cannot wait to see the rest of you. You are dearly missed and I respect what keeps you away. We are carefully keeping our worship spaces safe for public gatherings. Even so, many of you are understandably cautious as we see cases of Covid-19 rise across most of America.
Worshipping within the building feels different because it is different. The most noticeable change in our worship services is the attendance. In addition to not having many of our friends with us, the services have also been modified. We are not singing as we are gathered for our Sunday morning worship. Music and singing have been a part of humanity since before we worshipped. Songs were how people worshipped in the beginning. Worshipping without singing is counter to our notions of worship. In Café Grace, breakfast is not being served. The tables we would typically gather around for our fellowship remain folded up, stacked neatly in the back room. We cannot fold up and carry off the pews in the sanctuary as easily so half of them are roped off. We are distant from one another as we worship.
Yet, we are worshipping. Those of you worshipping with us remotely, through your computer devises, are very much a part of the gathered community. Our focus on streaming service have removed the distance between us. Some of you have ventured in to join us. We value your feedback and appreciate the things you have noticed. Our leadership and facilities team have set out items such as: hand sanitizer, masks and even a sink to help keep us healthy.
We are still a community. It is our faithful responsibility to care for one another by committing to individuals that are vulnerable within our community and others that could be reached through us. These are undoubtably challenging times for us as individuals. Our country is dealing with a health pandemic the same time we have uneasy conversations about race. Our community is in need. Often, we do not know what the needs of the community are until they are expressed. People are expressing what they need. Our charge is to extend Christian hospitality and listen before we provide. There are certainly needs the church can meet. I applaud our church family for staying healthy and engaging in hard conversations. We are doing these things together as one body in Christ, whether from a distance or in person. Together we will discover what the Kingdom of Heaven is truly like.
Thank you everyone for your understanding and diligence. I encourage you to continue to reach out to one another through phone calls, cards and mail. I appreciate any continued feedback you wish to offer the church on how you think we can do better. I do miss seeing you.

Peace & Blessings,

Rev Kev