A letter from our Outreach Team (The Audacious Ask!)

The First Christian Church of Bellefontaine’s Outreach Committee has joined forces with the First Friends Church to adopt a family in need. Unfortunately, due to the sensitive nature of this family’s circumstances, we are not able to name the family or to explain the situation, nor can they be mentioned on any social media platform. But this family has a huge change of circumstances that has greatly increased their need of help with basic necessities and bills. But the greatest and most dire need is a vehicle for 15 passengers. This is a very expensive item but the need is essential and immediate.                                  We have decided to set the audacious goal of raising $30,000 dollars for this family with the hope of meeting a deadline of August 31, 2020 (but will gratefully accept donations through December.) Obviously, we cannot begin to host enough fund raisers to raise this type of revenue so we are also stepping out in faith and are asking for monetary contributions and donations toward this goal.                                                                                                           If you feel moved to make a contribution or monthly pledge toward this vehicle or the family’s needs, please send a check to First Christian Church of Bellefontaine (Make sure it is labeled Adopted Family) or donate on-line to tithely.com. The tithely app has an item titled Outreach Adopted Family Project. Most of all, PLEASE pray for this family and that a solution will be found for their transportation issues.                                                                        If we do not meet the goal we have set, we will give all donated funds to the family to take care of basic needs and living expenses. Please help us by making donations, passing this word to others you know that might be able to help, but most of all, praying for this anonymous family and their situation.