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I hope you all had a great Easter. If you were visiting family or friends, it is my hope that this added to your feelings of joy. If you were confused by the date this year, I hope that the sermon helped you to sort it out. As I mention Sunday, the last time it fell on April 1st was way back in 1956, more than 60 years ago. The next time will be in 2029 and then in 2040.

A few of our children may celebrate Easter on April 1, 2040. April 1st is often celebrated with people trying to pull a joke on one another. However, Jesus pulled a joke on the entire world, especially the religious leaders of his day, and the Romans. They could not win, the might have crucified him on Friday, but on Sunday morning they found an empty tomb. The Disciples went fishing because they thought Jesus had died, but he showed up on the seashore to greet them. He inspired them and sent them out to make disciples.

A small group of Christians, went into the utter most parts of the world and planted churches. We, the Disciples, here in Bellefontaine, Ohio are like those early disciples. We are small in number but we have a message to share. Christ is alive!

Christ has a message for us, to share his story and to rise up and be his witnesses. Twelve men and a few women took the good news of a resurrection and shared that message with one and all. We do not have 12 disciples and a few women. We have over 100 individuals, who have a message to share. That message is “Jesus is alive, Jesus has a story to tell, Jesus has not given up on us!”

So, on this first Sunday after Easter, let us once again come together, share our Good News with one another, invite a family member, a neighbor, a co-worker, to come to worship with us. Remember, they do not need to be perfect. Why? Because we are not perfect. The first disciples were not perfect either. What we have in common is a Savior who loves us for who we are and we have a friend who needs to meet our Savior.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing you this Sunday along with your special guest.

The Rev. Robert J. Thornton
Interim Pastor & Friend