FROM THE Minister—

Greetings to the friends and members of First Christian Church,
It has been several months since I have written to you. I find myself missing this opportunity to address you and I welcome your responses. I have returned from my parental leave. Christine and I are grateful to the church congregation and the Disciples of Christ for ministering to our family as we set the foundations of our home with Sierra Emery. We have much to be thankful for in our expanding family and are blessed to have the church family alongside of us.

Christine and I have enjoyed bringing Sierra to church events and Sunday morning worship services. It has been an
absolute blessing to be ministered to by the church. I appreciate the space and freedom to raise our newborn baby and the help that has been offered and given. Thank you, friends and church family. The church continues to play an active role in the lives of people that associate with First Christian Church.

The church is active in the community and in the lives of those that come into contact with us. It is my prayer that you feel the church in your life as we go through the holiday seasons together. During this season of Advent we are preparing for the coming of Christ. You have Christ in your life now, but we can always open ourselves more to the one we call Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, and Savior. There is hope your life will be unexpectedly changed for the better as you invite Christ into your life. You can find peace in being cherished for who you are.You are able to express joy in the works that Christ does through us as the Lord’s hands and feet. Know that God’s love has been present through all eras and will continue to be poured out to you.

Christ is coming again. We are reminded of this every Christmas season as we see houses illuminated with lights and wreaths hung from lampposts and doorways. The church is here to minister to you, and journey with you as you navigate this ever-changing world. You are welcome to come as you are and break bread with us. During this holiday season, remember that we minister to each other to bring about God’s Realm here on Earth. Collectively, we are the church, you are the blessings.
Peace & Blessings,
Rev. Kev