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FROM THE Interim Minister—

It’s July! The month in which we celebrate as a Nation our independence. It’s the time for fireworks! If you have not taken your vacation yet, now is the time. While it is true that we need time to relax, we also need time to be inspired, to be reminded who we are and we need time to just gather together as God’s people. Unfortunately, we often forget who created us. We forget who died for us. We forget what our purpose as members of the church is all about. Our purpose as the First Christian Church of Bellefontaine is to share the Good News of God and his love for us, demonstrated in the life and death of Jesus. That’s not the minister’s task alone. It’s every member of the church. You and the person sitting in front of you, beside you, all the people in the congregation, plus those who did not make it for worship on any given Sunday.

Many of you know that I am a Scouter, I have been a Scouter for 65 years          non-stop. It was through scouting that I learned about my “Duty to God”. It was through scouting that I learned that you could share your faith, when you are not in a sanctuary. My Scoutmaster, Rudy Yohnke learned that I was thinking of ministry as a vocation. So, on every campout, I became the Chaplain and led our troop in a Worship Service. From the time I was 15 years old to time I turned 22 years old, every campout, I was the preacher for our troop. Scouting taught me my first responsibility as an individual that led me into a profession.
The point of this article is to remind each of us that we have a responsibility to share the Good News of the Gospel. The Gospel that God loves us. The Gospel that it’s not enough to attend church, but we need to share the Good News to others.

Some people will tell me that I share the Good News to others, but they do not need to respond. My reply to that is, “Did you accept the invitation the first time it was offered to you?” Some people are shy. Some others are waiting for a different kind of invitation. They would like an invitation that includes, “I’ll pick you up so you can come with me!”

In a few months, you will probably have a new Minister. Wouldn’t it be nice if on that first Sunday he/she finds a fellowship hall and the sanctuary full of people?
In a nutshell, summer is not a time for vacations only. It is a growing season. Look at the fields along the highway and the roads you travel Farmers have planted seeds, the corn is growing, the wheat is growing, the fruits are growing, whatever is planted is growing.
So it is with the church. We are in the growing season. Let us grow as the First Christian Church of Bellefontaine.

Yours in Christian Love,
Rev. Bob Thornton
Interim Minster