FROM THE Minister—

Greetings to the friends and members of First Christian Church,

This month’s challenge is expressing my excitement for the birth of my first child in a newsletter article. The baby is due near the end of September and I am getting anxious. Time is progressing at a strange rate. Last week I was telling folks the baby will be here any week and now I need to be prepared for a delivery any day. Christine and the house are ready for the baby. Thank you to our church family for helping us to prepare for this life event. We appreciate everyone for participating in the baby shower and the gifts we received. A number of you were not able to attend, but please know that your support is felt, accepted and appreciated .I am grateful for everyone that continues to pray for a healthy baby and a healthy mom.

I am also celebrating my one-year anniversary of serving First Christian Church. You have accomplished a lot of things in this past year and I am delighted to serve alongside of you in ministry. We have talked, shared, set out and experimented .I still feel the energy of this congregation when I come to worship on Sunday mornings. The community of the church and Logan County have been wonderful to me and my family. In the past I have said coming to Bellefontaine has felt like I moved home and I still feel that way. It’s been a wonderful year and I look forward to many more, especially as we begin raising a child!

Staying firmly committed to the theme of celebration in this newsletter, let’s lift up the dome campaign. Thank you to everyone for pledging to support the exterior structure of our church. Our pledge drive has met the goal we set out to achieve. The dome campaign team will work to collect on your pledges and continue to come up with additional fundraisers as we need them. But most importantly, congratulations to the congregation! Thank you for meeting this initial goal when, for some, it felt like a challenge too steep for this small congregation. Just imagine what else we can achieve as a church under the dome!
Future ministries are afoot at First Christian Church. We are reviving old connections and establishing new partnerships. The spirit of creativity is alive in the church and everyone is encouraged to lift your voice in the things you would like to see us do. There is no institution better poised to make positive transformations in communities than local congregations. Loving God, let us embrace our call to serve the community, nurture all that find themselves at our doorsteps and love our neighbors.  
Peace & Blessings,
Rev. Kev