FROM THE Minister—

Greetings to the friends and members of First Christian Church,

We have been blessed as a congregation by our New Beginnings Sunday. The Sunday was meant to be a challenge to the congregation of First Christian Church.  Initially, I suggested we fill our two services with friends and guests. The hope is that we would have shared a meaningful Sunday worship experience for every person that came through the building. What we had hoped for, happened. We did not have the extra 100 people I challenged the congregation to bring in. However, every person that came through the building was part of glorious day. Every person had a holy experience.

We had felt an energy that had not been felt for quite some time. The Holt Spirit has always been present in this space; but, it felt different on October 14th.We walked on Holy Ground with one another. We had talked about dirt, and made it! I was privileged to engage with the children as they mixed clay, sand and water. We were all blessed by the presence of Weekday Religious Education (WRE).Their testimony was enhanced by being able walk through the WRE trailer. The plated meal after second worship was absolutely incredible! Thank you to the preparers and servers for such a wonderful meal.

We had engaged the community together to demonstrate what the church has to offer. Thank you to the entire church for the preparations that you made. You had a positive impact on how people relate to one another. You blessed one another with your love. Praise God that we can bless each other in such a way. The work you had done before New Beginnings Sunday was exciting. The expression of love on Sunday was beautiful. The response afterward has been admirable. Yet, the challenge remains. We are the church and called to offer a meaningful God experience to every person. I ask that you continue to share with others the things we are planning and doing at First Christian. We are growing with God.

Peace be with you,

Rev. Kev.