FROM THE Minister—

We are in the of the Season of Epiphany. Epiphany is a term we use in Christianity to celebrate the revelation of God incarnate as Jesus Christ. As a church we typically talk about epiphany as the Magi visit the Christ Child. The day of Epiphany is January 6th; however, we are in the season of Epiphany until the Season of Lent begins with Ash Wednesday. An epiphany can also be any moment of great or sudden revelation.
As the season of epiphany begins, we also read the baptism of Jesus and reflect on our own baptism. his is a time for us to learn not only about who Jesus is but also about who we are. Who are you, and how is Jesus in your life? As we begin the year of 2020, I encourage each person to be open to receiving an epiphany. ow is Christ manifest in your life? What can you do with your revelation?
I myself am not good at making new year’s resolutions and even less good at keeping them. But, one thing I am always working to do is become ever more aware of God presence in my daily life. I found it interesting that I received a variety of different types of lights as Christmas presents from my family. It felt like a theme of sorts. I realize light is symbolic of the presence of God. My hope for the coming year is to minister in new ways as illuminated by God.
At last year’s congregational meeting, First Christian Church restructured some of its operating and ministry teams. There is hope we will communicate easier, have more creativity, develop more ministry opportunities, and take joy in having more people serving God’s community. As members and friends of First Christian Church you have ways to express your faith, from praying or asking questions on a Sunday to being the hands and feet of God’s love in extraordinary situations. God calls us to serve.
One way of serving is by joining a ministry team. We have a couple new teams, and all the old ones, with exciting work ahead of them. These teams are looking for help. We ask that you consider joining a team. And please, give us a call or tell us how these teams can serve you and the community.

Peace & Blessings,
Rev. Kev

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