To All Fellowship Oriented Softball Players,

First Christian Church Bellefontaine is in the process of forming a team for the Church
Softball League beginning on May 6th.If any person is interested in playing softball this summer, please contact Pastor Kevin Greenwald.

You may join our church team if you are either in or seeking a relationship with First Christian
Church. What does it mean to be in relationship with First Christian Church?
·You are in relationship with FCC if any person from the church has personally, in print or electronically reached out to you regarding a ministry.

·You are in relationship with FCC if you are caring for a child in Kids Corner Preschool.

·You are in relationship with FCC if you or a person close to you sees a counselor at Light the Way Christian Counseling Center.

·If you are seeking a relationship with a welcoming church of caretakers, you can begin your relationship in fellowship on and near the softball field this summer.

·You are in relationship with FCC if you receive the Christian Visitor or Under the Dome newsletter.

·You are in relationship with FCC if you have financially supported the church through giving or fundraisers.

·Finally, you are in relationship to FCC if you regularly attend worship services at FCC.

We are looking for individuals 16 years or older to play co-ed softball summer nights May 6th
through July. Games are scheduled Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Our team will be
scheduled to play one of those nights each week.  Games begin at 6:15 and 7:30.

If you are interested or know of someone that may be interested, please contact Pastor Kevin Greenwald.
He can be reached by email at: or by calling the church office at: 937-592-8656.If you have any questions or comments please
contact the church.


Rev. Kev